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YouTubers hit by Adpocalypse!

The past few months have seen Youtube coming down heavily on people publishing videos on controversial subjects, including on guns, video games, historical figures etc. for monetary gains. The online video streaming service has implemented various new systems for advertisers, to help them better control the videos that their ads appear on. The company has clearly defined the hate speeches that would make videos ineligible for monetisation on their website. Furthermore, many measures have been put in place to restrict YouTube content of a certain kind in some countries. However, you can learn how to unblock YouTube videos and still watch them freely from anywhere you like.

More and more video creators are now coming out to express their frustration about the lack of communication and transparency on the YouTube’s part. What more, YouTube is now in the process of introducing a new icons system wherein creators of videos would be able to better understand which one of their videos are making them money, and which ones not.

As per this icon system, you can see any of the following three symbols against your videos:

Green dollar-sign circle

A green dollar-sign circle suggests that your video is good-to-go for advertising purposes on YouTube as well as YouTube Red, and can attract a large number of potential advertisers. Such videos are found meeting all the YouTube’s guidelines with regard to advertiser-friendly content and are free of any controversies.

Yellow dollar-sign circle

This sign would appear next to videos that are eligible to earn only a limited amount of ad revenue on YouTube. This could be either because the video has been declared unsuitable for all the advertisers, or has been demonetised because YouTube found it not meeting the advertiser-friendly guidelines.

Until some time ago, such yellow dollar sign meant that the concerned video was completely demonetised. However, now it indicates that although it’s earning money, not as much as you could possibly earn from an advertiser-friendly version. Please note, there are no guarantees that such video/s would not be completely demonetised later.

Black dollar-sign circle

A black dollar-sign having a slash through it, and placed next to the video indicates that the video has been found ineligible to earn money by YouTube. It cannot make you money on either the regular YouTube or the YouTube Red platform. Often, such demonetisation is also because of breach of community guidelines, content ID claims and copyright issues. Anytime YouTube catches a video consisting of copyright material, it doesn’t waste any time in striking it off and making it ineligible for ads.


A new appeal action has been added to the Video Manager in YouTube, enabling creators to file an appeal against any such demonetisation. Although demonetized videos do stand a chance to get approved and remonetized, since YouTube has limited resources and such reviews happen on case-by-case basis, the process may take considerable amount of time, losing people significant ad revenue until resolution.

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