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Which foods help to fight Stress?

Exercise helps you in keeping healthy and stress free. Besides exercise some foods also help you to get relieved from stress. Let us check the foods that makesyou stress free.

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Green Vegetables:


Spinach (Photo credit: DeSegura89)

Green Vegetables like spinach, asparagus and kale are rich in minerals and vitamins like folic acid and magnesium. These vegetables maintains your emotional well being. Eating a cup of these green vegetables keeps you free from stress.

Sweet Potatoes:

The softer, orange-fleshed variety of sweet po...

The softer, orange-fleshed variety of sweet potato, commonly referred to as a yam in the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sweet Potatoes contain immune boosting nutrients that helps in fighting stress. A warm dish prepared from sweet potatoes after a long tiring day makes you feel satisfied and you can obtain peace and tranquility.

Good Fat:


avocado (Photo credit: Muffet)

Good fat is essential for our well being. Avocado is a rich source of this good fat. Eating one and half avocado supplies the required amount of the good fat. Some other good fats includes olive oil, fish oil etc. One to two teaspoons of the good fat  from these makes you get relief from stressful conditions.

Dry Fruits like Almonds:

English: Shelled almonds (Prunus dulcis) Itali...

English: Shelled almonds (Prunus dulcis) Italiano: Mandorle sgusciate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almonds are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin B. These vitamins strengthens the immune system when you are facing stress. So eat five to eight almonds to make yourself free from stress.



Honey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our body requires the good sugar that is obtained naturally from fresh fruits, dry fruits and raw honey. Honey helps in boosting up your immune system and also gives a good night sleep. So take a spoonful of honey per day.

Dark Chocolate:

A dark chocolate Tim Tam.

A dark chocolate Tim Tam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dark chocolate elevates your mood naturally and makes you free from emotional strain. Eat dark chocolate of good quality and with few other ingredients.

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