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What are the benefits of Green Tea for Skin?

Green Tea is very well known for its health benefits. It is also helpful in beautifying your skin. Green Tea is a rich source of antioxidants that fights against free radicals. Free radicals lead to premature aging and are formed when our skin is exposed to UV rays of the Sun.

Green Tea

Green Tea protects our skin from tanning and sunburn on local application. Antioxidants also helps to combat skin cancer by blocking the cancer causative enzyme named as junk. Antioxidants are engaged in the cell renewal process and prevents the premature aging of the cells. Polyphenol compounds are present in the green tea that synthesizes the DNA and helps to prevent aging of cells.

Green Tea works well for inflammation and also for the people with Psoriasis and Rosacea inflammation. Green Tea contains catechins that prevents the over stimulation of hormones and thus helps the persons suffering from acne and pimples. Green Tea also contains anti-bacterial agents. Thus Green Tea works welland improves the complexion of the skin when it is taken as a drink or even if it is applied as a mask.

Applying Green Tea as a mask is an effective way to control sun tanning. It is very effective as a sun guard.

Green Tea can be taken either alone or it can be mixed with honey, lemon juice or almonds for better results.

So make it a habit to take green tea instead of normal tea for better health and beauty.

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