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Is Ramoji Rao going to replicate Surendrapuri as ‘Om City’?

It seems that Ramoji rao is impressed by ‘Surendrapuri’ construction and he wants to do the same with commercial importance by building function halls, auditoriums as ‘Om City’.

Ramoji Rao is well known for his marvelous creation ‘Ramoji Film City’. Now he is planning to build replicas of all the important temples of India at one place and he named it as ‘Om City’. Our Chief Minister KCR adored Ramoji Rao’s plan to build this mythological museum and said that it would be a special attraction of Telangana.

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KCR said that if we visit this Om City, the devotees will have the feeling of worshiping all the temples of our country. He is ready to extend his help in building this mythological city without any obstacles. Ramoji Rao, Chairman of Ramoji Groups had a meeting with our Chief Minister KCR in Secretariat on Monday and handed over a Coffee table book comprising of the important information, highlights and the plan of Om City whose construction is planned near Ramoji Film City.

On taking the book, KCR said that the construction should be completed as early as possible without any obstacles. If the construction of ‘Om City’ gets completed, almost 2 lakh people may visit it. This city also gives employment to nearly 30,000 people of Telangana directly and even many people indirectly.

Ramoji Rao said that there are 108 main temples in our country with mythological importance and they are going to construct these temples in Om City as their replicas. He also said that he is going to Delhi to explain about it to our Prime Minister, President and other important persons there about its construction.

Ramoji Rao said that devotees need to travel from one end to other end to worship their favorite god and temples. By going to Om City they can see all the gods at one place. He said that it will take one week to see all the temples in Om City, so on account of this they are also planning to provide accommodation and other necessities too in this city.

He said that this is going to be a city that utilizes only solar energy and they are constructing ‘Theme Park’ in this city. In addition to famous temples, they are also planning to construct museums, auditoriums to organize mythological meetings, Stages to organize any devotional musical or dance shows etc.

There are also plans to build Marriage Halls, Health Center, Devotional Cinema Theatres and a place for doing Homam. Pushkarini is also being built to take bath (Punyasnanam).

‘Vijayanjaneya’ Statue which is the tallest statue is going to be the highlight of this city. Many other officials like Rajeev Sharma, Narsinga Rao, BR Meena attended this meeting.

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