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Parts and Functions of Muscular System

Before we learn about the parts and functions of the muscular system we need to know what is a Muscular System.

Muscular System is an organ system composed of different types of muscles which aids in movement of our body. There are voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles. Voluntary muscles work under our control where as involuntary muscles work on their  own without our will like digestion process etc.

muscular systemLet us check the parts of the Muscular System:

Muscular System consists of 3 types of Muscles:

1. Skeletal Muscles : Skeletal Muscles are the voluntary muscles and they are under our control.

2. Smooth Muscles : Smooth Muscles are the involuntary muscles and they are not under our control. These muscles are present in digestive tract, blood vessels and secretory ducts that lead to glands.

3. Cardiac Muscles : As the name indicates these are the muscles that are present in the heart. These muscles help in rhythmic contractions of the heart and they are involuntary in function.

Let us now see the functions of the Muscular System:

  • The main function of the Muscular System is to help in the Movement of the body.
  • Muscular System helps in maintaining the balance and the posture of the human body.
  • Muscular System provides strength to the human body.
  • Muscular System helps in maintaining heat and keeps our body warm.

There are about 600 muscles of different shapes and sizes that are attached to the framework of the skeletal system. So we cannot take muscular system as a single system but it is combined with the skeletal system and we call it as the Musculo-Skeletal System.

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