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Manhattan terror attack: 8 killed as truck rams over bike path

At least eight people were killed when a truck rammed into bike path in Manhattan terror attack near the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.

The Manhattan terror attack took place when a pickup truck rushed with a great speed down the bike way that is located alongside the Hudson River.

Manhattan terror attack

Manhattan terror attack (Image Courtesy:

The truck also collided with a school bus and two students who were injured were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

One person has been arrested in relation to the Manhattan terror attack and the investigation is being carried out.

New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio termed the Manhattan Terror attack as a cowardly act of terror. He termed this bike path accident as a horrible and tragic incident as it was aimed at innocent civilians. He added that the spirits of New York residents cannot be deterred by these violent acts.

Other cities are kept on high alert following Manhattan terror attack.

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