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List of MLAs in West Godavari District : Andhra Pradesh – 2009 Assembly Elections Results

List of MLAs in West Godavari District – 2009 Assembly Elections Results:

Constituency Elected MLA Party
Kovvur T V Rama Rao TDP
Nidadavole Burugupalli Sesha Rao TDP
Achanta Satyanarayana Pithani INC
Palcole Usha Rani Bangaru INC
Narasapuram Mudunuri Prasada Raju INC
Bhimavaram Ramanjaneyulu Pulaparthi (Anjibabu) INC
Undi V V Siva Rama Raju (Kalavapudi Siva) TDP
Tanuku Karumuri Venkata Nageswara Rao INC
Tadepalligudem Eli Venkata Madhusudhanarao (Nani) PRP
Unguturu Vatti Vasant Kumar INC
Denduluru Prabhakar Chintamaneni TDP
Eluru Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas (Alla Nani) INC
Gopalapuram (SC) Taneti Vanita TDP
Polavaram (ST) Tellam Bala Raju INC
Chintalapudi (SC) Maddala Rajesh Kumar INC

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  1. Marriage Season is upon Us !

    Election Commission will announce the results of Lok Sabha elections on 16th May

    And , declare open the Marriage Season

    Marriages of convenience – no doubt !

    Both , NDA and UPA will fall short of absolute majority , by 50 – 100 seats

    Floor Managers and Business Brokers will swing into action to weave a complex web of Mergers and Acquisitions ( M & A )

    Independent candidates will offer themselves for Rs 50 Crores

    ( Remember the movie , ” Dulhaa Beekta Hain ” ? )

    Party offices of smaller parties will carry the banners ,

    ” Sale ! Sale ! ”

    { Except that this is not , a ” Going out of Business ” sale

    It is a , ” Getting into Business ” sale ! },

    We are selling honesty , integrity , honour , conscience , morals , ethics , self-respect , party-name etc . You name it – we got it !

    Here are our going ” Market Rates ” :

    * For 10 seat support…………….. 2 seats of Minister of State

    * For 20 seat support …………… 2 seats of Cabinet Minister

    * For 30 seat support ………….. Minister of Industry + Minister of Trade ”

    Yesterday’s sworn enemies ( who wanted to dispatch you to Pakistan or jump into Indian ocean ) , will suddenly become ” Bosom Friends ”

    ” Enemy of enemy ” will cease to be a friend

    ” Friend of a Friend ” who sells-out to opposition , will become an enemy !

    Like the annual ritual of the Jain Community ( Kshamapana ), saleable Dulhaas , will beg Kshamaa ( forgiveness ) of everyone they abused during the past one year

    They are chanting :

    * Let us forget the insults and forgive each other

    * Let us not be vindictive and let loose the ” Caged Parrot ” / ED etc

    * Let us work as a team to quadruple our assets ala Jamaai-Raja

    * Let us reward the people who voted us to power , with “Broken Promises”

    * Let the ” Winter-of-Conflict ” be over on 12th May

    * Let the ” Summer -of – Swindle ” begin on 16th May


    Is it any surprise that the ” Greatest Circus on the Earth ” is followed by the ” Weirdest Horse-trading on the Earth ” ?

    And even if you don’t like horses , don’t insult other animals such as Dogs , Monkeys , Rats , Elephants etc , by naming this trade after them !

    You are damned if you vote : damned if you don’t !

    hemen parekh ( 04 May 2014 / Mumbai )

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