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Interesting Benefits of Banana Peels

We all know that Banana is very good for our health. The interesting fact is that even the banana peels can be used in different ways for  different benefits. Let us seen what all we can do using the banana peels:

banana peel

banana peel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Banana Peels helps in whitening your teeth:

Take the banana peel and rub it on your teeth everyday for atleast a week to get whiter teeth naturally.

Banana Peels also helps in wart removal:

Banana peels are effective against warts and they do not come back after applying the banana peels. Cover the acne with banana peels and allow it to cover the warts overnight so they get reduced and keeps you free from the warts.

You can also cook banana peels and eat them instead of throwing them in thrash. In Kerala they eat the cooked banana.

Banana Peels are effective in treating Acne:

Rub the banana peel with honey on the acne. It helps you in treating acne and also helps in reducing the facial scars.

Banana peels are effective for preventing Wrinkles:

Banana peels are a rich source of anti-oxidants and are having anti-aging effects.. Banana peels keeps your skin hydrated, strengthens your skin and improves the skin elasticity.

Banana peel acts as an analgesic:

Banana peel soothe the sore spots present in your body. Banana peel acts as an essential oil and apply it on the areas where you are experiencing the pain. You can get relief from the pain if you massage with the banana peel and allow it to stay for about 15 minutes.

Banana peel works well for psoriasis:

This is the most unexpected benefit from the banana peels. Rubbing the banana peel helps you get relief from itching. It also heals the psoriasis rapidly.

Banana peels for insect bites:

Insect bites may cause itching and pain.Rubbing the insect bite with banana peel relieves you from the itching and the pain caused by the insect bites.

Banana peels protects you from ultraviolet radiation:

Banana peels protects your skin from the ultraviolet radiation. It also reduces the risk of cataracts.

For reducing the itching and the eye fatigue, apply the banana peel on the eyes.

Banana peel can be used for cleaning purposes also:

Banana peels can be used to clean shoes, leather products and even silver jewelry.

So these uses sound interesting and let us try these uses from now when we take a banana.

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