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Improve beauty with Grapes

Grapes are rich in anti-oxidants and helps in improving the beauty of your skin too. If you add some stuff from the kitchen you can improve your looks very well.


grapes (Photo credit: So Sylvie)

Take a cup of grapes and make a paste from them. To the paste add a spoon of milk and honey. Soak the oats and add them to the above mixture. Make a smooth paste using the above ingredients. Apply this smooth paste as a face pack and wash it off after drying with cold water. If you do it regularly your face will be free from pimples and marks.

Mix white part of eggs with grape juice and mix well. To that batter add a little amount of curd, four drops of olive oil and apply this on the hair. If you do shampoo after 40 minutes. You can see your hair shine.


grapes (Photo credit: Zest-pk)

Make a paste with half cup of grapes. To that add soaked and ground almonds. Add a little amount of turmeric and milk paste. Apply it as a scrub for the body. If you scrub it daily the dead cells will be removed and makes your skin beautiful and shiny.

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