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How to get rid of Dark Circles naturally?


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Let us see some tips which are naturally available at home without any side effects:

  • Milk acts as a skin lightener. Use cold and unboiled milk to apply on eyelids and the skin near the eyes. It thus makes your skin bright.
  • Aloe Vera can also be applied under the eyes. The creams with aloe vera are to be applied on clean skin before you retire for the sleep.
  • If you eat the foods rich in antioxidants, it helps you to make your skin glow and healthy. So include nuts, berries, fresh coloured fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.
  • Take half tea spoon of lemon juice, one tea spoon of tomato juice, add besan and turmeric and make a paste with them. Apply the paste on dark circles and allow it to stand for some time. Repeat this for several days to reduce the pigmentation.
  • You can also apply a cotton dipped in kheera juice or potato juice to reduce dark circles.
  • You can also use rose water for applying under the eyes for reducing the dark circles.
  • Used tea bags can be chilled and applied it under the eyes to get relaxed.
  • Almond oil massage can also be done gently under the eyes and the results are visible if it is done regularly within 3 weeks.
  • Best results are seen if a smooth pudina or mint paste is applied on the dark circles.
  • Diet rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and iron has to be taken to overcome this problem.

The main suggestion is to drink plenty of water and have a nice sleep to get rid of dark circles and prevent them.

Do you find these tips useful?

If you know any other tips please feel free to comment.

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