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Tips for a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind for Elderly People

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Though the above quote is an old saying it is but true!

Well getting up early in the morning saves a lot of time. We feel fresh and energetic. Sitting in the balcony and sipping a cup of coffee, our mood is set to do wonderful tasks right through the day. Planning the daily chores and executing the same becomes easy as a result. Listening to the chirping of birds can be soothing to the mind.

Exercise is very much essential. Pranayanam and Yoga keep the body and the mind young. A good and healthy breakfast gives us sufficient energy to perform our work. Time should be maintained for everything. Afternoon nap keeps us fresh. Walking is a must. This helps in blood circulation and movement of every muscle in our body. Walking also helps the nervous system to carry out thinking and in balancing the body. Listening to good music helps the ears to function normally.

Reading books which give us thought provoking and moral values can be assets for the long run. We can use a dictionary which helps us to improve our vocabulary. Not only reading books, but writing the summary of what we have read, keeps us engaged and can be kept for future  use. Solving simple puzzles keeps the brain active.

Conversation with children enlightens our mind while young thoughts refresh  our  thinking. Going to parks and museum help us to recollect our childhood. Spending time with grand children, telling them  stories of the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata encourages them to develop moral values. Visiting places of Eco-friendly environment gives  us aesthetic sense.

Travelling to places of beauty and economical importance enriches our heart and mind. We can share our experiences with our friends and relatives by putting up photos. Before going to bed, we must write atleast one page of the name of the person or god whom we adore and admire. This helps us to get good sleep which is needed for perfect health.

Praying and chanting helps muscular activities. Gardening is a very good hobby. Morning when we look at the plants with flowers blooming, our mind and heart fills up with positive energy. Thus at the time of sunset, if we look at the sky we can enjoy the sight of seeing the flocks of birds flying high in the sky and reaching their destination.

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