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Green Leafy Vegetables for Eyes | Leafy Vegetables Prevent Glaucoma of Eyes

We all know that eating green leafy vegetables provide us with many health benefits as these green leafy veggies supply our body with essential nutrients and vitamins along with loads of iron. Another benefit was proved by the research studies recently. It was found by the British researchers that those who eat green leafy vegetables are less prone to the attack of Glaucoma. Persons who are affected with Glaucoma loses their eye sight. If they lose their sight, it is really impossible to regain their eye sight. Glaucoma is caused due to more pressure as more liquids are secreted in the front part of eyes. Due to more pressure, optic nerve gets damages which leads to loss of vision. By eating the leafy vegetables you can avoid this condition and protect your eyes.

300px-human_eye_cross-sectional_view_grayscaleAs per the reports, those who eat around 1 and half cup of green veggies can reduce the attack of glaucoma by 20-30%. The research was done on one lakh people for 25 years and revealed this relation between green leafy vegetables and eyes. The persons who suffered with glaucoma get low blood supply to the optic nerve. Nitric Oxide plays an important role in preventing the blood supply to the optic nerve. Green leafy vegetables are rich in nitrates which are required for the formation of nitric oxide. By eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, the nitric oxide levels are increased in the body. These nitric oxide decrease the Intraocularpressure (IOP)  in the eyes and thus protect your eyes from Glaucoma.

So include green leafy vegetables in your diet and protect your eyes from the attack of glaucoma.

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