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Gilchrist Warns that Dhoni’s Experience Should Not be Undervalued

The Indian cricketers benefit far more than they are aware of from the presence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, according to the legendary Australian player Adam Gilchrist. He has said that the value of the captain’s experience should not be underrated.

Just His Presence is Worth a Lot

Gilchrist said that the Indian team are probably benefitting from Dhoni’s wealth of experience just by his presence. For someone who has redefined the role of keeper-batsman, Gilchrist is of the opinion that Dhoni is still a good enough batter to excel in any position from numbers three to seven.

Gilchrist Makes Specific Mention of Dhoni’s Versatility

As many punters around the world who take advantage of the cricket markets available at various online betting sites will no doubt agree, Gilchrist feels that Dhoni’s level of versatility brings a number of options and a huge amount of flexibility to the Indian team.

Gilchrist said that although he was not aware of Dhoni’s exact statistics over the last year, he was almost positive that Dhoni had never let his team down when asked to perform a job. He went on to say that he loves the level of passion that Virat Kohli and the rest of the Indian players exhibited for the game, but that the level-headedness and experience Dhoni brought evened this out beautifully.

Gilchrist Not Sure Who Could Replace Dhoni

While there is a little while to go before the World Cup of 2019, Gilchrist is doubtful that there is anyone currently available for transfer who could replace the dasher from Jharkhand in the 50-over cricket format. He added that only Dhoni could know if he is keen enough, and committed enough, to play the World Cup coming up, and only he could decide if he would be able to make the sacrifices necessary to be there.

But Gilchrist then asked a far more relevant question: the real matter to be decided was whether there was someone available who could not only replace Dhoni, but bring more value to the Indian team than he could. He said that he himself could not answer that, as he didn’t know, and although there were certainly very exciting keeper-batsmen around, he was not sure if they would bring more to the game.

Gilchrist then added that the World Cup was still a year-and-a-half away, and that many things could happen in this time, but that he was sure that Dhoni would make the right decision, for both himself and for Indian cricket.

Gilchrist Full of Praise for Virat Kohli Too

Gilchrist went on to say that the Indian skipper Virat Kohli now has 49 international hundreds, and that Kohli posed a serious threat to all batting records, as well. He went on to say that the batting statistics across all of the game’s formats were in danger thanks to the extraordinary, quote unquote, abilities of Kohli as a first-rate batsman, and that, in Gilchrist’s opinion, even if Kohli did not break all of the records for batting he would definitely get very close to doing so.

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