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Come For The Activities, Stay For Everything Else! Three Rising Travel Destinations

The world is full of beautiful places, but it’s also full of exciting adventures, too. So many of our vacations are becoming less about the destination, and more about the activities that you can do there – or the actual experiences you can have there. In the past, places gained notoriety for their landmarks or landscapes – just look at Sydney’s iconic Opera House, Nepal’s astounding Mount Everest, or London’s Big Ben. However, these days, people are just as likely to travel for their hobbies as anything else. Of course, the validity of such travel is still equal – attractions draw in tourism across the board. Here are three worldwide cities which bring people in for a particular activity, and keep them there for everything else they have to offer!

Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand is absolutely stunning all over, so visitors to this Southern Hemisphere paradise sure have a lot of different choices. However, for the true adventure junkie, there’s Queenstown.

The Adventure Capital of the World is famed for a multitude of amazing things to do, from skydiving right through to the death-defying bungee swing, which we’re assured is perfectly safe. Given how many thrill-seekers flock there yearly, it’s no surprise that they keep adding more and more to do. The beauty of the place isn’t secondary, though – in fact, its mountains, lakes and other scenery are probably what makes Queenstown the perfect destination.

Las Vegas, USA

Whether an American national or not, there’s no denying that a pilgrimage to the bright lights of Vegas is almost inevitable for us all. People come from all over the world to experience the casinos, which are open 24 hours a day. Of course, not everyone who visits has a vast understanding of how casino games work, which is why the option to play demo games online is rather welcoming. With slots, themed games from familiar movies, and all the table games you can imagine, it’s possible to be well-prepared for your vacation.

Of course, Vegas has other things to offer, aside from games. It’s also known for parties, great foods, and surrounding areas of natural beauty, such as the Grand Canyon.

Manchester, UK

When people think of soccer, they think of Manchester United. Although they’re no longer the top of the English Premier League, they are world-renowned for being at the top of their game. A visit to Manchester is a must for any of their fans that hail from all the corners of this globe because they can see them play a game at home in their Old Trafford ground.

A trip to Manchester isn’t just about soccer, though. The city also has plenty to boast when it comes to music, food, and culture as well. In fact, the surrounding city of Liverpool (just a half hour by train), is home to the world’s biggest band – The Beatles – and so a visit to England’s North West should be on the table for fans of entertainment!

Certain places are notorious for one reason or another, but you shouldn’t limit yourself. Use your hobby as a base point, and then explore the area like a local.

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