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British Company prepares “Viewi” Device to monitor Glaucoma using Smart Phones

We are using smart phones for various purposes. We use them for internet browsing, for knowing weather updates, booking purposes and many online transactions. Smart phones even work as Electrocardiograms. Do you know that we can now use them for detecting eye problems too? British Company came up with a concept headset called “Viewi” to test Glaucoma at home. The idea of Viewi Hedset has emerged from the thoughts of Doctors from Cambridge University. With the help of this Viewi Headset, we can do glaucoma tests by ourselves.

“Viewi” Headset is available for just $26 and will help in cheap diagnosis and monitoring of Glaucoma at the comfort of your home. For testing you just need to have a smart phone and the app.


For testing your eyes, you need to put this instrument on your eyes and you can monitor this with your fingers. A special app is created for this purpose. You can open this app in your smart phone and put your smart phone in this Viewi Headset. slide your phone into a head-mounted Gear VR-like holster. A Bluetooth remote acts as the input device for patients to press when they see a flashing light.

Then flash light opens automatically at varying points of the visual field and you can examine your sensitivity of the eyes. To examine a single eye, it takes about just 5 minutes. So to test the intensity of Glaucoma from time to time, this app and device is very helpful.

You can also show this results on the app to the concerned physicians and you can take guidance from them. So by this method, it will be very convenient to people in developing countries to test their eyes and it will be done at very low cost than the traditional procedures.

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