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Australian Team’s Bus Attacked in Guwahati

A rock was thrown at the bus belonging to the Australian cricket team in Guwahati. The incident took place as the team was returning to their hotel from the Barsapara stadium after managing to beat the Indian team in the second T20 International.

A Shameful Turn of Events

The Australian/Indian T20I cricket series has taken a disgraceful turn. The attack on the Australian team after they defeated India by eight wickets did not result in any injuries, but that seems to be a matter of luck. The seat alongside the bus window which was smashed was unoccupied at the time.

When contacted by the press, the media officer for the Australian team stated that local authorities were investigating the matter, and added that it was unlikely that Cricket Australia, CA, would release any kind of official statement regarding what had occurred.

Australia team bus attacked

Australia team bus attacked. Photo courtesy of Aaron Finch/Twitter

Finch Tweets about the Attack

After a wonderful day for the players from Down Under, and the punters who supported the beleaguered team by means of online betting in Australia, opener Aaron Finch sent out a tweet displaying a picture of the broken window of the vehicle. He stated that it was frightening having a rock lobbed at the bus, and David Warner, stand-in captain for the team, retweeted the message.

The second T20I ended at around 22:05, and both teams departed from the venue around an hour afterwards. The Australian team’s bus was already being accompanied by both security officials and local police as they made their way back to their hotel, apparently to no avail.

The Police are Aware of the Incident

The vice-president of the Assam Cricket Association, or ACA, Debojit Saikia, confirmed that a complaint had been lodged with the police about what had occurred.

He said that the culprit should be located, and that the police had been told about what happened. He added that he was also going to meet with the Australian team’s officials in order to assure them of their safety when they returned from Guwahati. He spoke of the wonderful atmosphere during the match, and bewailed the effect these kinds of acts had on the reputation of Assam Cricket. He vowed that this kind of isolated violence would not be tolerated and that any type of sports related crime, or any crime at all was not going to be ignored.

The Australian Team Shaken by the Attack

Reports have been rolling in, confirming that although no one had been injured, the players were rattled by what had occurred. Staff and players were on their way back to their lodgings when a rock, roughly the size of a cricket ball, was hurled at the right-hand side of the bus. The stone shattered the glass and landed inside the vehicle.

This T20I marked the first international match that Guwahati has hosted in seven years, and has certainly had a negative effect on the host city’s reputation. This is not, however, the first time that something like this has happened. During a tour in Bangladesh in September a stone was thrown at the Australian team’s bus, once again as they were returning to their hotel after the second day of the second Test match in Chittagong.

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